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YOU: And That Mythical, Mystical, Heavenly Heroine-Like Scent of A Woman

This Here is a Once Upon a Time Story,
so come closer and get cozy Friends.


We Are Deep


a candlelit cave…

…your fingers dip into your gathered ritual earth pigment pots…
the crystal, geometric, powdery color vibes infuse
and begin to spin and shine.

Headphones tuned to your pulsing heart beat, you slowly trace matching bubbly, psychedelic and flowery doors on your body and the cave’s stony floor. Both tickle, you giggle. Damn right! You’ve traveled so far to get to exactly this point….this exact, echoing cave…this precious place. You made a radical move to play and wake a sacred goddess-like being, beckoning her to emerge from history’s slumber, to greet you with giggles and melt your anger, fear, and all your stored up, colossal cultural girl-interrupted suffering into multi-gyrating deliciousness.

Just then you notice the glinting gold-white lights dancing up in hover-float-spirals while electric blue drone lights dart, gather like a rolling wave of stars into the cave. Suddenly an entrancing scent seems to arise from both inside of you and the cave.

Ooops! You catch yourself wide-smiling.

Like a fractal unwinding, mysterious earthy dark, vintage ouds and million-year old amber resins swim through the air to group hug you with all the ancient dreams of Mama Earth. Stunning botanicals like Moroccan henna flower, precious head-buzzy beeswax absolute, and tobacco flower boop you on the nose. A shadow scent breeze of ambergris, labdanum and chypre play tease-lover with your hair. Bubble traces of delicate lily of the valley and sultry Madagascar vanilla arise your body’s cocktails and mysteriously pop a feeling back into thin air.

“Now there’s some ambient, alchemist high tech TIME TRAVEL there!”
you think, feeling as free as the wind itself and the scents that ride it.

Images of root earthy connects, people, and experiences begin floating in and out…

Like a massive velvet stage curtain parting, scent is sudden pleasure or pain. These scents have unfurled an opening in you, a newly remembered ancient/modern ritual. The ritual of Immortal Beloved.

Howdy Partner, that’s YOU.

Welcome to a symbolic sacred, transformational, ritual cave
(aka a goddess coloring book for short)

and a collection of goddess sacred and sensuous ritual body cocktails
(aka goddess scents)

Go on! Evoke your most magnificent, cross-cultural god and goddess powers. Imagine goddesses of ALL world traditions so pleased to be coming to life via the ECSTATIC ART of YOU.  ((( Y’all over-exposed Greco-Roman gals get some play gal pals finally!!! )))

Swing open your inter-dimensional digital eyelids for a selfie with
Immortal Beloved, the World’s First Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book inspired by A Whiff of the Perfume of Timeless Global Gals,
via the original Immortal Beloved perfume:

This sacred vial above holds the scent of Immortal Beloved. Get in on a goddess-tip, stop and Shop Here Right Now, Speedy ((( Link to The Jade Dress Shop ))) or get even deeper and slower with another HELPING of Slow Luxury … (aka read more below)

And NOW! The Mama Perfume above just gave birth to
4 NEW! Earth scents in their golden spheres:


1    Get Into The Radical Root of It ALL.

Slow Luxury is a starting point to ROOT down for the Earth, Self Love, and full-on luxe happenings as much as possible. Get to the root of this Slow Luxury idea, delve into the story behind the project and of course, dive in to color + get all sensual for yourself.

Imagine being able to tap into beguiling scents inspired by the First Four Immortal Beloved Goddesses of the Earth. Insta-ROOT Connect! ((( OK, Shop Here Now, Speedy! )))

Hello, Ullaakuut, Ciao + Hola Goddesses of the Earth!




The most magical way into the Immortal Beloved AURA is a combo gift: the coloring book plus a sampler of the first 4 new perfumes in a beauts handy, hand-appliqued, ritual medicine bag… (((just add water to get the free symbolic life raft…((( get all here! )))

Four Scents! PLUS! The coloring book! ((( Shop Here Now, Speedy! )))

There are 12 gorgeous gals all together so get your feet wet here kiddos.
8 more scents in the works!

More tantalizing “get your goddess on” info:

As we goddesses often do, we love to play tour guide and travel you to your body’s sacred energy centers to get your multi-dimensional splendor revved up!

The Secret of Us Goddesses is that together, we are actually a balancing and healing map. TWELVE goddesses match TWELVE life desires to TWELVE destinations or sacred spots on Earth we call Star Gates.

These Star Gates are a logical, left brain map system from mathematics called The Magic Square linked with a right brain, creative re-trace of an ancient Feng Shui blessing and healing ritual, called Tracing The Nine Stars. They add up to extra dimensional hook-ups, and voila! The 9-Star Passport. You’re looking at the key to a power energy match up of your chakras, your home’s sacred space, the planet’s sacred spots and beyond.

Take a trip and scroll down these 9 energy Super, Elevator Up destinations of body, home, earth and beyond … and absorb.
Notice what calls to you or asks you to dance.
This is the sequenced trail of healing via the goddess that also unfolds
the story behind this art and scent collaboration.

  1.  The Radical ROOT of It ALL.
  2. The DESIRE Pollen and The Designers.
  3. The CREATE Plant and The Collection.
  4. The Flowery HEART of The CO*lab.
  5. The COMMUNE Seeds and The Book.
  6. The WISDOM of The Perfume.
  7. The FAMED Power Juice of The Goddess Scents.
  8. The DESTINY of Your Connect.
  9. The RE-ELATE Of It ALL.

2     The Pollen of DESIRE and The Designers.

Once upon a time, inspired by grand myths and stories of goddesses from every part of our planet and beyond, House of Cherry Bomb perfumers, master perfumer, Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl, filmmaker, Metropolitan Museum of Art Lecturer, were in their Brooklyn atelier getting all crafty like the Alchemists they are. The quest was nothing less than the reincarnation of the Immortal Beloved perfume. (Many tales of its origin beyond what we write here, in fact, have been told.)

Meanwhile, catching a beguiling scent wafting over to Manhattan from Brooklyn, Jade Dressler, creative director, illustrator and stylist had begun sketching the accessories she created for photo shoots. Inspired, she drew them on goddesses of world. Soon she had a series of goddess illustrations representing the sacred female energy traditions of our planet, imagining what we ALL can call our belonging, our “Immortal Beloved.”

A few eons and sacred elixirs later, the girls mix-mistressed their super powers together to launch Immortal Beloved, The World’s First Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book.

And Now…All the better to inspire the next era of goddesses ( aka girls and women folk, plus men and boy folk, too!), the first four scents begin the future collection of twelve. (Note to Self: collect ‘em all)

Why Imagine Goddesses by Coloring in a Coloring Book? Consider Immortal Beloved a ritual link between your own creativity to the fractal spirals of Nature’s growth to the oldest art on Earth, the ancient cave imaginings of the goddess; thru her sacred geometry in temple and on land tributes to Japanese anime; to HERE, HER newest expression: a coloring book where one can trace the outlines of goddess identity, identify, dream, color, and create to their heart’s content.

Coloring while scent-bathing in a waft of natural botanicals taps the wearer into the stories and scent trails of the ancients. Tales of ancient + modern goddesses (plus their wellness tips of course! ) empowers one’s own life in the present and opens the dreams to images of Immortal Beings yet to come in the future! This is your invitation to feel connected to female empowerment elements and stories that resonate through time and global traditions. This is very personal, yet very connective and experiential art.

Talk about being Woke? This is nothing less than aligning universal forces of our planet Earth to the chakras of our bodies and home, evoking healings. Coming right NOW to Your Cave. Your Rooftop. Your …

Wherever you roam, wherever YOU are can be IS a safe, sacred and sweet place. Throughout time Goddesses marked safe energy spots or chakras on Earth via their “fingerprints.” It’s their secret way of marking and blessing a space or a sacred moment and perhaps portals of love if you are feeling poetic!

Here are the 12 fingerprints of our global gals…we invite you in to color + create.


3     The CREATE Plant and The Collection.

The Immortal Beloved, A Modern Ritualistic System.

Systems to CONNECT in many cultures go by many names: rituals, blessings, meditations, maps, games, manifestation matrices, dream catchers or a fortune teller’s secret divinatory method. The Immortal Beloved Goddess Perfume Collection and Coloring Book are based on The 9-Star Passport which is a new life revelation ritual based on an ancient structure of universal patterns. The timeless game concept employs The Magic Square, a mathematical map or algorithm of numbered squares found in multiple philosophy systems. Today we see this 9-square crosshatch pattern every day in the intrinsic, repeated patterns (or even just the idea that practice means perfect) that we use in our world ranging from hashtags to our phone keypad; to your body’s chakra system you tweak weekly in yoga class. Ponder on the expanded dimensional mix of these ancient/modern maps when they align:

Why 9-Stars and 12 goddesses? In many world symbols both numbers hold significant magical and mathematic design properties. Number nine, as the last single digit, is a powerful number with unique multiplication properties, for instance, any number multiplied by nine always distills down to 9. Doubling the goddesses in the 3 core Star Gates of our body and The 9-Star Passport gives strength and all the magical circular completion properties of the number 12.

The book circles, loops and fractal-hops the globe. Each goddess begins with quotes and teases you to enter her story with dancing, tickling, teasing fingertip “approved entry” stamps like a passport.

Each goddess has her story plus her portrait for you to love + color.

The Book System: The 78-page (age 12+ recommended) coloring book features 12 original global goddess illustrations and text by Jade Dressler, (see below) each image evoking the myth, fairy tales and legends of sacred traditions representing 12 sacred chakra or geographic areas of the world.

The Scent System: Because in our Book of Life, all goddess coloring books must come with perfume, the book inspired the namesake scent, Immortal Beloved.

Arriving now are new 4 scents from the master perfumers of House of Cherry Bomb. To ground and hold the four “Goddess of The Earth” scents, the perfumers manifested an oval glass shaped like a smooth river stone and then they hand gilded each bottle individually. The perfume bottle is sealed with wax and crowned with a gem-like cut-glass stopper. Each bottle feels like an artifact unwrapped from an ancient castle’s secret wardrobe chest suddenly opening a doorway and calming your entire world.

4   The Flowery HEART of The CO*lab.

The Immortal Beloved project is created as a Slow Luxury CO*lab.  Slow Luxury CO*lab projects are intentional creations that birth multi-layered economies of artists and deep dives for lovers of the sensuous.

As appropriate to Pocahontas, the root goddess and the first geographical location in The 9-Star Passport, American West, a preview presentation of the Immortal Beloved project traveled to Tucson at the invitation of The University of Arizona Museum of Art. Illustrations and the  perfume were first exhibited for the UAMA’s Head to Toe gala benefit pop-up shop in Tucson, AZ on November 5, 2016. Story of the event here.

Previously in New York City, Slow Luxury and House of Cherry Bomb have also produced pop up shops and scent-based experiences at Cornelia Spa at The Surrey, the Ornare showroom in the D + D Building (Decoration & Design Building) and even a goddess picnic with the Mind Body Spirit Network.

5   The COMMUNE and The Book.

Each goddess in the book is introduced with timeless quotes and is accompanied by a full page of humorous text on her life, famous quotes about her plus her attributes, gifts, healing mantras, love life, and modern-day appearances. Beyond the 12 full page goddess illustrations, there are 8 full page illustrations and text on The 9-Star Passport, the new/ancient navigation system of the heart, sacred spaces and places of the earth inviting exploration on how to work with one’s desires through story, images and 1D to 5D rituals.

Coloring books are a meditative practice, a current cure in vogue in response to our over digital stimulation. The slow luxury of coloring echoes ancient mandalas, yantra making and sand paintings. We’ve connected the best rituals so you can relax and remember healing and empowerment stories from around the world.

Ah! To create your sacred-me-time, open your imagination and color in the forms of immortal goddesses! Since when have you been able to do THAT? When you create them as personal art via the Immortal Beloved coloring book, you open to a meditative, peaceful pastime and so much more. To identify and express one’s full, creative persona, via the art of perfume and coloring, is to participate in a many layered adornment and celebration of our bodies, and at the same time, we transcend time and memory, very much like the myths of goddesses do.

Case in point, Abundantia of Italy, the goddess of abundance (really!) looks like this multi-dimensionally:

The first three stories of the goddess book unfold via the full text excerpts from the book and the back story of the illustrations on The Jade Dress blog. The first three goddesses are here:

Goddess Pocahontas of Native America blog

Goddess Pinga of The Artic + Inuit North blog

Goddess Abundantia of Italy blog

Follow the blog to follow ALL the goddesses, Goddess El Sirena of Spain is up next!

6   The WISDOM of The Perfume.

“Perfume is a deep communication between all of nature and her plants, humans, animals, and the pleasures of the moment. There is an art to perfume creation, which extends in turn to the wearers. The scent becomes a part of a multitude of personalities, a signature of connection and individuality that makes history or herstory, as SHE likes to say.”

Maria McElroy, Master Perfumer

The original scent, Immortal Beloved, is an all-natural fragrance, sensual and complex, an olfactory story of Gods and Goddesses, beauty, power, and love eternal. The perfumers have envisioned the fragrance of immortality using rare and precious elements from nature. Immortal Beloved resonates through time, and the marvelous complexity of being.

The Mama Perfume and Body Cocktail:

7  The FAMED Power Juices of The Goddess Scents.

Just look at this heady ingredient list that comes with the power juice samplers, vials, and bottles of goddess scents:

8   The DESTINY of Your Connect.

A couple of happy Amazon reviewers of the Immortal Beloved Goddess Coloring Book here:

Very unusual treatment of a coloring book using vivid illustrations and ideas.
Very thought provoking and original. Recommend it highly.
The Judge


Great for inspiration and calming my mind when super stressed. I enjoy the combination of the wisdom traditions with the creative representations to make each one my own personally, with color. I purchased directly from Jade to get a signed copy.


Not your ordinary coloring book! Immortal Beloved is ripe with play and guides us on a journey of the extraordinary interrelated nature of inner and outer worlds, the macrocosmic connection to the microcosm and vice versa. Each page offers a unique blend of wit and wisdom colorfully revealing the endless depth and richness that the Goddess traditions hold. This book is an inspired gift for these times. Share it far and wide!
Shakti Ma


I was thrilled to purchase a copy of Immortal Beloved and begin my journey of meditative coloring. Dressler is not only a creative and intelligent artist, she provides a ground of being for all of us to understand the beauty and importance of goddess history and energy. A fabulous way to spend and evening in meditative bliss or coloring with friends.
Joy E. Stocke Young


I am so glad I found this on Amazon! I received Dressler’s Immortal Beloved book as a gift and I couldn’t think of a more original and unique present that I would like to gift as well. It’s dreamy, full of real and interesting data and all the illustrations have so many details that I look at them over and over again.
Thank you so much for this creation.

9     The RE-ELATE Of It ALL.

Here are the many splendored ways you can get in touch with your own Mythical, Mystical, Heavenly Heroine inside and out!

The Grand Goddess. The Immortal Beloved Goddess Coloring Book. The Immortal Beloved coloring book, above, is on Amazon, here.

The Immortal Beloved Scent. Immortal Beloved, above, is made of mysterious dark, vintage ouds and million-year old amber resins swim with stunning Moroccan henna flower, precious beeswax absolute, and tobacco flower. A shadow of ambergris, labdanum and chypre are touched with traces of delicate lily of the valley and Madagascar vanilla.   ((( Shop here now )))

The Tease. Earth Goddess Magic Bag: Perfume Samples and The Coloring Book. Try all 4 scents along with your coloring book! Sampler vials come tucked a hand-sewn + embellished, tiny magic bag, along with a chart of scent notes and symbolics for each goddess/scent as seen above.  (((Shop here now.)))

The Immortal Beloved Perfume Experience is available in several incarnations:

  • Immortal Beloved Body Cocktail Sampler. Find two vials of the perfume oil and EDP in a little magic bag. $10., here.
  • Perfume. 1/3 oz (10 ml) oil based perfume in a hand blown, gold filigree, red Czechoslovakian glass bottle. $150.00, here.
  • Atomizer. 1/3 oz (10 ml) EDP in a red metal purse atomizer. $50.00, here.

  • The Immortal Beloved Perfume + Coloring Book Gift Set. Perfume, atomizer and coloring book together tied in a sparkly gold cord as seen above. $200.00, here.


Goddesses of the Earth Perfumes. Each perfume is held in an exquisite, one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed 22-karat gold and silver leaf adorned smooth, river-stone shaped glass bottle, topped with a gem-like clear crystal glass topper. $200,  here.

Goddess Prints. The goddess illustrations in the book can be found as framable prints on The Jade Dress Shop, here.

Peek More goddess DESTINY upcoming here with the rest of the goddess gang:

Goddesses of the Earth




Girls of the DreamTime




Galaxy Gals




Let the goddesses, and you, giggle through these belongings, desires, and female expressions. Perfumes, body art and more Slow Luxury pleasures to come!

We leave you now…find us + share with us on social media, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s a parting gift of a color/scent/pigment/plant synthesis to inspire your next deep cave dive.

CREDITS: Pigments from Arthur Buxton, Colour Extraction and Triangulation, many other images created by Jade Dressler, others not credited, yet very open to do that here.


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