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The Lace

“Space-age lace birthed on Victorian-era looms.”

Jade Dressler, Slow Luxury


MYB Textiles


MYB Textiles
Morton Young and Borland Ltd was founded in 1900 in the Irvine Valley, Scotland, exclusively weaving Scottish Lace and Madras sheers.  Exquisite MYB lace and Madras fabrics have recently appeared in film and TV productions including The Invisible Woman, Saving Mr Banks, Mr Selfridge, Shetland and The Book Thief.

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The preservation of Craft and Quality

“At the heart of each MYB product is specialist skill and tradition, each is its own piece of history.”

At the heart of MYB Textiles is time honoured heritage and a passion for continuing lace and madras production. Preserving the traditions and techniques of the past distils the character and quality synonymous with MYB Textiles.

Since its founding in 1900, MYB have continued to hone their niche skills and perfect the relationship between technology and tradition.  This has been passed on from generation to generation, a pattern MYB continue with in-house weaving apprenticeships and training. The art of weaving and the craft of production are embedded in the MYB identity.

Hand-crafted means exactly that, with workers handling and working with the lace and madras directly everyday.  A rare authenticity that is recognised and much loved by MYB buyers and collaborators.  More than just a testament to days gone by, these techniques continue to thrive as they produce a recognised standard of quality and renowned sense of character. MYB continue to develop their name and reputation in the textile industry, seeking out new forms of product development, creativity and innovation.


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The heritage and technique of production

“MYB Textiles is the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms”

MYB was founded as an exclusive manufacturer of Scottish Leno Gauze weave, later known as Madras.  This new title was inspired by the mass distribution throughout Madras, India. Pioneering Madras loom technology gifted MYB the status of sole manufacturer of 100% pure cotton Madras in the world, a title proudly honoured and held to this day.

Both the handloom heritage and technology that crafted some of MYB’s first production lines are still present and utilised to date.  Many looms have now been networked to computer software that allows for innovation design and production capabilities. The introduction of Nottingham Lace Looms in 1913 came to redefine MYB and its legacy.  Perfectly matched to its new Irvine Valley home, this technology enabled greater variety of products and sat lovingly aside the existing Leno Looms.

With some Lace looms 100 years old and at the width of 1220cms wide, this machinery and its beautiful product is both stepped in history and tradition, and continues to produce the highest quality and diversely patterned lace in the world.  Their controlled pace and slow manufacturing process means production is labour intensive and quality controlled, gifting the product its niche. Time is as much a part of the process as the machinery itself and the fabrics they produce.


Listen to the noise of the 100 year old Nottingham Lace looms at MYB’s mill in Ayrshire, Scotland

Inspired by 100 Years of Art & Design

“MYB Textiles houses the world’s only Nottingham Lace design team.”

All MYB fabrics are designed and produced in-house at the Ayrshire mill.  Fuelled by the inspirations and history of the mill itself, MYB’s design team have a vision that both encapsulates their trademark quality production and their innovative creativity.

The creative team have immediate access to over a century of original materials and drawings, covering every period of art and design in that time.  With over 50,000 items at their fingertips, this expert team can study and develop any design, new or old, drawing from an unparalleled industry resource.  Thanks to this they often collaborate with client-based designers on bespoke projects bringing years of specialised knowledge and fresh creativity to the design process.

Purchased from a collection of closed local mills such as Johnson Shields and Flemings Lace, the vast archive of design and production expertise showcases the best of the Scottish Textile Industry. As much as preservation and tradition form the foundations and legacy of MYB, the need to move forward and develop with the changing times ensures MYB remain an industry world leader. Employing technology that moves as fast as the creative mind allows a free flow of ideas, with visions for designs becoming more than a passing thought.  Transferring design information from CAD systems in the studio directly to the looms below offers more than production speed and efficiency, it gives power to the concept of the idea and the development of stunning designs.

Find out more about MYB Textiles  Follow @mybtextiles1900

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