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“Iona Crawford is one steely butterfly girl.”

Jade Dressler, Slow Luxury


A farmer’s daughter, born and raised in the Scottish countryside, Iona Crawford is an artist, luxury designer and the Creative Director of Iona Crawford, her eponymous brand established in 2007. Inspired by the vast beauty of Scotland’s nature, artisanal cloth and craftsmanship, she followed her desire to combine her two passions – fine art and fashion – and create a timeless yet directional aesthetic and identity in her designs.

becca Becca Dress: Darkest black chiffon and monochrome checkered silk cocktail dress, from Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection

Carlina Coat Carlina Dress: Button back pure silk dress featuring delicate thistle inspired print derived from original Iona Crawford Silk Sequence artwork. Carlina Coat: Statement Scottish merino wool coat with high disguise collar.  Both from Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection.

Renowned for innovative and intricate garment structure, fused with trademark tailoring, Iona Crawford women’s clothing and home accessories collections are unashamedly elegant.  The Collections are made with rich and tonal fabrics of Scottish origin including cashmere, merino wool and leather, as well as silks printed with Iona’s paintings.

The Iona Crawford brand embodies Slow Luxury values.  Find out more about Iona’s Slow Luxury focus in her Q&A here.

Since the launch of her brand, Iona has enjoyed success internationally, showing in Paris, Tokyo, London, Beijing and New York.

Iona Crawford DNA: Silk Sequencing

As a contemporary artist and womenswear designer, signature painterly prints represent the catalyst which sparks the inception of each capsule collection under Iona Crawford’s label. With the silk sequence series, this natural transformation of fine art into fashion became the focal point of inspiration in itself. Without halting the creative process after the first original art-works are printed onto silk and subsequently translated into garment form, Iona begins deconstructing each silk print before meticulously piecing elements of each back together to create a series of fine art silk sequences.

Kali silk sequence

ic2013_3079 Kali silk sequencing and Kali Dress, from Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection

Looking closely at each three dimensional, box framed work, one can identify the curve of a stag’s antler, eye of a Staffa puffin or the tonal feathered plumage of a woodland owl – a subtle, intriguing and clever aesthetic. Thereafter, following the same process of art to fashion translation, imagery of each silk sequence was again printed onto a series of delicate silks before being cut into an Capsule Collection of elegant and timeless, yet pioneering garments.

Centaurea silk sequence   centaurea scarf Centaurea silk sequencing and Centaurea Scarf, from Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection and available from Slow Luxury 

Follow Iona @ionacrawfordart #kelpiesbeauty

Shop Slow Luxury Co*Lab: Exclusive pieces from the Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Collection for a limited time.

Shop the Capsule Collection at Iona Crawford

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