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Your Passport To The QUEEN, A Slow Luxury co*lab Project Begins Filming

TEASE: Your Passport To The QUEEN.

QUEEN, A Slow Luxury co*lab Project Begins Filming

A Queen ascends to her throne.
As my friends and clients luckily traveled all over the world this summer,

Yoga retreats in the Dolomites in Italy!
Film premieres in Greece by the sea!
Simple and fresh morning air bicycling in the Hamptons!

I staycationed in NYC, thrilled to their Instagrams and yet,
wishing I too could go traveling afar.

Sometimes though, you gotta stay the course and stay put.
Travel in other dimensions.

For me…

…this summer that meant anchoring down in the Big Apple and creating the stories for our latest Slow Luxury co*lab project, QUEEN.  QUEEN is a multi-touch platform where all kinds of Girls Explore Legends of Real Life Queens + 12 Mythical Goddesses around the globe. If you know my coloring book, Immortal Beloved: The World’s First Goddess Coloring Book … a trip around the world through the lens of global goddesses…this is the QUEEN guidebook we are making LIVE.

A Queen ascends to her throne.

Today, roots of the earth are torn. Weather, war and “wealth” means species are dying, becoming extinct at an unprecedented pace.  The respectful interconnected cyclical ways of life must be returned to. Goddesses and female energy are the emissaries between cultures, their attributes from compassionate healer to fierce warrior are shared, they build community and peace.

As I extensively researched world goddesses for my book, I found the most endearing queens in all 12 global hotspots. Way beyond the typical Greco-Roman archetypes! I realized more folks needed to meet and feel these gals and understand their shared qualities.

Oh God/Goddess I hear ya knockin’ up above!

Guess I need to get gussied up, share my dimension-shifting discoveries and hit the video circuit.

How do we Navigate Goddess QUEEN energy? A crystal template tickles:

The QUEEN show and platform is based on my energetic-navigation system called The 9 Star Passport. It is your ticket to the 9 dimensions of life, a crystal template for syncing the energies of body, space and planet. It feels so good! (Goddesses are all about the feel-good!)

Based upon an intriguing Feng Shui ritual called Tracing The Nine Stars, the ritual is a sequence to navigate, bless, and analyze the energy of any physical space. It’s origins are a mystery going back thousands of years.

The more I worked with the ritual, I saw how it traces a path like a star, it expands like a fractal, and acts as a flowery passport to creating and experiencing life in expanded dimensions. One day in meditation I suddenly saw how the sequence matched the energy chakras or gates of the body and the spaces we live and work in, but they also matched geographical regions of the earth.

For over 20 years I have been practicing this body, home, planet sync myself and with clients. This has brought healing to me and others. My greatest wish is that it brings awareness and healing to our planet and a peaceful, lucky sync with the exquisite, miraculous forces of nature for all.

So the QUEEN show will be like a ritual journey itself?

So What’s Next?
This summer we began filming and are in deep interiors producing our first juicy bits now. Following this fall will be interviews for the first videos in the series, and a crowdfunding campaign for related films, the shop expansion,
and art + performance experience installations on the earth.

Where does the journey start?

We begin at the beginning. The first, root chakra of the world is located in North, Central America and West Indian islands.
We visit QUEENS in NYC, Taos, New Orleans and Jamaica for starters.

Who is the Queen of these Lands?
Pocahontas of Native America. Don’t Groan! The legends, misunderstandings and controversies are many. (Hmm, just like your inner child’s past, right?)

Yes, this girl was a friendly, playful Daddy’s Girl. A strong female peacemaker between her people and the colonists.

However, get further into her story and discover the romantic patina and twist on a brutal past. Was the Disney film a whitewashed fairy tale or a forward-thinking and feminist-message to appeal to young girls?

The real facts are brutal: Pocahontas was Kidnapped.
Forced into Marriage with a colonist.
Paraded as a “noble savage.”
She died at 21.

First goddess?

We specifically chose Pocohontas as inspiration. As one of the original people of North Americas and the West Indies. Earth guardians with traditions at the root of peaceful, ethical interdependence of all beings. Many see these lands as the earth’s first, energetic center and while Pocahontas is controversial, as many goddesses are…perhaps we can add clarity and compassion to this story to heal this collective pain. Perhaps by learning how to honor her and her descendants, both native and immigrant, can bring us to together in dialogue and healing.

Her original name means “Flower between two streams” which is an intriguing invite to uncover how and why her story lives on, and how this story echoes and relates to the queens of this land. Queens from Queens, NY to Tribal Activist Queens who stood at Standing Rock out West.

Ancestor Stories. Now Stories. New Future Stories.
We will explore her legend as it contains all the elements of ROOTS:
Ancestors. Family. Pioneers. Survival.
The Green Earth. Foundation. Home. Safety. Community.
The energy rooting us all to this planet.

The family roots of many Americans are from “somewhere else” and the healing of America’s history requires a gathering, a re-look at how we all got here and how we might all see each other and get along better in the future! Although I may know in my bones that I was a queen in Egypt and helped Michelangelo paint the Sistine chapel, in this life, not so fancy. Some of my ancestors put the first running water in Brooklyn apartments. It’s part of what compelled me to live in NYC, where I can create and be between millions of streams of the world. With all my travels over the years, truthfully, the melting pot of miraculous NYC is where I really discovered joy.

JUST what is this intriguing link between the philosophy of the original inhabitants of this land to today’s QUEENS taking on compelling issues requiring
honoring, interdependence, justice, peace and soul-healing?

The ties that bind.

Who will be guests on the first episode of QUEEN?
Queens getting earthy with flowers, plants, scents, food, potions and tonics. Queens who drum, strut, mask, DJ and dance in the world of festivals to Carnevales everywhere. Queens who create award-winning documentaries to
queens standing up in the current political climate.
Plus, plus + plus.

Who are the first QUEEN collaborators?

MY BIG Thank you’s to all for our first shoot! Thank you to filmmaker Alexis Karl and her teams, @alexiskarlfilms; for co-producing Maria McElroy @aroma_m_perfume; sound by Josh Salant @joshsalant; makeup by Oscar Caballero @oscarmakeup1 …Thank you to special friends, Florist/Designer/Forager, Betty-Baines Saum @flwrprn and Jonathan Pillot @JonathanPillot  for the crown. Thank you for your brilliant advice, Dale Dobson @iconiclinx.

Thank you to the trees, birds and my one true love, #NYC.

Scroll below for the one true QUEEN.

PS, click here on Amazon to get your copy of the coloring book here:

Click here to read the whole chapter on Pocahontas from the book.

FEMME FUN FACT: Pocahontas’ real name, Matoaka or Flower Between Two Streams, reflects her “connecting” essence, seen in the illustration as a Mountain Camellia flower at her heart between two woodland streams.
A flower between two streams is also a metaphor for…

Perfume. Yes, Virginia, there is a Pocahontas perfume/body cocktail to place where you see fit. Click here for more.

And as a finale,

here she is, Miss America, a queen bee on a Camellia flower.

May that simple sweetness be a prayer that what has “stung” us in the past
may be a source of honey in our shared future.

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