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Meet your very own GPS for life.

We have Yoga to balance our physical body energy and Feng Shui to balance our physical space energy…and both are gateways to more subtle, powerful dimensions of transformation.

 Now, in hot pursuit of Slow Luxury, let us introduce you to our latest collab, a little something based on the power of both yoga, feng shui and beyond, what I call

a GPS for life, The 9 Star Passport.

I discovered an ancient / future map to allow us to navigate and connect to what I call:
“The United States of Awareness.”
This is a universal design sync that evolves our awareness and the wellness of our Bodies, our Spaces, our Stories, our Brands, even our World.






DEPARTURES: Wave goodbye to energy blocks.
ARRIVALS: Welcome to your entry points.

New Sight-Seeing Adventures!

I invite you to a tour of the 9 dimensions of The 9 Star Passport here in this post.
Impatient to know more immediately???
To set up a FREE exploratory first phone or Zoom call, click here.
  PS. Yes, I do tele-feng shui and traditional in-person physical space consults for individuals and their private or public spaces.  I also help the brand spaces of people like…

The 9 Star Passport is a treasure map to the art + science of good energy flow.
For over 20 years I have helped individuals, brands and businesses clear their energy + find treasure via this connected system of ancient ritual and timeless universal promise.
The 9 Star Passport green lights where we  desire to go.

The 9 Star Passport Map is based on:
* The teachings of yoga and feng shui as I have been taught by extraordinary, world-renowned masters since 1999

  * My 30+ years of creativity and story messaging for lifestyle brands

  * An alignment between the law of attraction and timeless growth patterns of our Universe or what Scientists call “fractals” or “expanding and evolving symmetry.” Physicists call it “constructual law.” Artists call it “the golden ratio.”

The best part is marveling at all the creative healing shifts The 9 Star Passport reveals, every time!
  Come, bring your chakras, your intentions, your floor plans…
and take a trip with me for a taste of tracing the
, see testimonials from happy travelers below, starting here:

To connect with me, Jade Dressler, and to learn more about The 9 Star Passport, contact me at “jade-at-jadedressler-dot-com.”

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