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Beauty and The Beasts

Once upon a time….urban workhorses in Scotland inspired sculptor Andy Scott to tap into the Kelpie’s story of transformation, which in turn…

…inspired artist and designer Iona Crawford’s silk sequences for her exquisite, bespoke and ready to order womenswear, and diffusion scarves, pillows, and T-shirts…

…which inspired a connection with Hannah Read’s music…leading to the performance in Bryant Park and the exclusive Capsule Collection
on the Slow Luxury platform.

SLOW LUXURY presented:

Slow Luxury produced an urban art disruption via a collaborative project to deliver the launch of Iona Crawford’s ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection in New York, and globally. This Collection has been inspired by the work of Scottish sculptor, Andy Scott, and his magnificent sculptures of workhorses, called ‘Kelpies’, which are situated on the landscape in Falkirk, Scotland. Maquettes of these ‘Kelpies’ have been installed in Bryant Park, New York, and feature in a range of events during Scotland Week.

The Slow Luxury production and launch of the Iona Crawford ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ Capsule Collection, is a true collaboration.  Blending contemporary art, fashion, music and sustainability, it showcases a delicate mix of Scottish artistry, quality and heritage.

Use the drop-down menu above and delve into a story of steely, silk silhouettes…



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