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Slow Luxury in New York City

New York City, a world fashion industry capital, will be abuzz with Slow Luxury this week!

New York welcomes Slow Luxury co-founder, Fiona Fraser, with glowing media praise for her sustainable brand, Fraser Balgowan. Jade Dressler, Slow Luxury co-founder and fans of Slow Luxury will celebrate the recent Fraser Balgowan media coverage including the brand’s lead opening of the full page article on Scottish heritage in Wall Street Journal, coverage of The Fraser Balgowan Experience at the Michelin-starred Gleneagles Resort on and a stellar review of the collection in Forbes. 

Fashion tastemaker, NY Times and Huffington Post’s Stylist writer, Cator Sparks, recently returned from visiting the Frasers’ in the Scottish Highlands, addressed the issues of sustainability bluntly to the fashion industry via his article in Huffington Post’s Stylist… “I look forward to running around town and country this winter with my new deer hide bag knowing exactly where it came from, the process it took to get it to its present state and the fact that that beautiful stag lived a serene life way up in the foggy, chilly, windy and romantic Scottish Highlands. That’s certainly more than I can guarantee for my Hermès leather belt. The game changer has arrived.”

Here’s where Slow Luxury will be in New York, September 17-26, 2012.

Sept. 20-22        Saks Fifth Avenue Lux event, NYC, 6th floor

                            1 pm to 7 pm

Join us and meet Fiona Fraser, Visionary Slow Luxury Designer
Scotland’s Newest Bespoke Luxury Brand for Fall 2012
Join us for Scotch and Soda
Meet NY Times, writer, Tastemaker, Cator Sparks
recently returned from the Fraser Estates
September 21
5 pm to 7 pm

Fiona Fraser, designer and her husband, Ewan Fraser,
3rd-generation Highlands deerstalker present
Fraser Balgowan, new sustainable luxury.
Classic, useful pieces, sustainably-stewarded and sourced
from private estate lands, crafted from century-old techniques and time-tested by Highlanders direct from the wild, natural beauty of the
Scottish Highlands.
For characteristic individuals attuned to the land and tradition,
and the sustainability of our shared global future, Fraser Balgowan offers:
  • limited and bespoke editions
  • made-to-order
  • deer hides, sporting tweeds and bridle leathers
  • personal accessories to travel bags
Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, 611 Fifth Avenue, 6th floor
for more information
Jade Dressler

Sept. 19

Private cocktail party hosted by David Beahm, celebrity and destination wedding event planner, for the city’s top event planners.

Sept. 25

United Nation’s Fashion 4 Development luncheon at the Pierre, along with Saks Fifth Avenue’s head of Luxury, Justin MacInerney; Michele Barbone of Rodale E-commerce; John Favreau, luxury consultant; Edelman PR’s Katarina Wong, Director of Community & Curatorial Engagement and Huffington Post, Africa Style Daily, writer Zandile Blay at the invitation of Slow Luxury co-founder, Jade Dressler and Kristen Paladino of sponsor, LEGEND. Photographs, F4D chair Evie Evangelou and Shirley Madhere, of the UN’s Beauty 4 Empowerment.

F4D, Fashion 4 Development has been making its own contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals through awareness-raising campaigns, partnerships, scholarships, fund-raising and the financing of initiatives to grow sustainable economies in developing countries. Additionally, F4D is committed to and supports the UN Secretary-General’s Campaign “Every Woman, Every Child” whose mission is to save the lives of 16 million women from preventable causes of death by 2015.
Evie Evangelou is the visionary who took supermodel Bibi Russell’s project with the United Nations, Fashion 4 Development, and ran with it. Slow Luxury is thrilled to be part of this vehicle for change. Evie is Global Chair along with Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, the group’s Goodwill Ambassador; Karen Giberson, President of The Accessories CouncilFern Mallis and many other fashion industry luminaries.


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